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  • الأذب

    أدب الدين والدنيا

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    “Adab al-Din wa al-Dunya (Adab al-Dunya wa al-Din) (Pub. Al-Manhaj)” أدب الدين والدنيا is a wonderful book by the author Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Habib al-Mawardi Abu al-Hasan علي بن محمد بن حبيب الماوردي أبو الحسن. This book is an important reference for researchers and those interested in Islamic jurisprudence and religious literature. It comes in a new edition for the year 1434 AH – 2013 AD. It is a single-volume, non-indexed book, but it contains valuable and engaging content worth reading.

  • الأذب

    الأخلاق الإسلامية وأسسها

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    Explore the depths of Islamic ethics with “Islamic Ethics and its Foundations” الأخلاق الإسلامية وأسسها by Abdul Rahman Habannaka Al-Maidani عبد الرحمن حبنكة الميداني. This comprehensive book, delves into the essence of ethics as the cornerstone of civilizations, emphasized by religions and reformers alike. The book, written in Arabic, remains a timeless guide, advocating for ethical conduct as a means to navigate human interactions and societal challenges.

  • اللغة العربية

    المثل السائر في أدب الكاتب والشاع

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    This Arabic book, “Al-Mithal Al-Sa’ir Fi Adab Al-Katib Wal-Sha’ir,” المثل السائر في أدب الكاتب والشاع authored by Ibn Al-Athir Al-Katib ابن الأثير الكاتب, is a significant work discussing the literature of writers and poets in the ancient Islamic eras. With its valuable texts and detailed information, the book consists of 4 volumes, meticulously researched and indexed by the scholars Ahmed Al-Hawfi and Badawi Tabanah. Published by Dar ibn kasir , it provides an in-depth understanding of writing and poetry styles of that period. Obtain your copy of this rare book to delve deeper into the world of Islamic literature.

  • اللغة العربية

    فتح القريب المجيب إعراب شواهد مغني اللبيب

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    Discover the intricate nuances of Arabic grammar with “فتح القريب المجيب إعراب شواهد مغني اللبيب” by محمد علي طه الدرة. This four-volume masterpiece, meticulously researched by محي الدين الدرويش, offers deep insights into the grammatical structures found in “مغني اللبيب,” enhancing your understanding and appreciation of classical Arabic. Published by مطبعة الأندلس, this second edition is a must-have for students and scholars alike. Dive into the rich world of Arabic grammar and enrich your Islamic studies.

  • اللغة العربية

    فتح الكبير المتعال إعراب المعلقات العشر الطوال

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    “Fath al-Kabir al-Muta’al I’rab al-Mu’allaqat al-Ashr al-Tawal” فتح الكبير المتعال إعراب المعلقات العشر الطوال is a valuable book in Arabic language and grammar, written by Muhammad Ali Taha Al-Durrah محمد علي طه الدرة. This book is an important source for the study of grammar and syntax, providing a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the ten long suspended poems.The book consists of two volumes and is considered a rare publication as it is not indexed. This edition was published in 1409 AH – 1989 AD by Al-Sawadi Library مكتبة السوادي.

  • اللغة العربية

    مبادئ دروس العربية

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    “Mabade’ Duroos Al-Arabiyya” مبادئ دروس العربية is an excellent book for learning Arabic, serving as a valuable resource for anyone looking to gain a deep understanding of Arabic language rules. This book provides a detailed and comprehensive explanation of various aspects of the Arabic language in a smooth and logical manner, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced learners alike. Authored by Muhammad Muhyi al-Din Abdul-Hameed محمد محيي الدين عبدالحميد, this book falls under the Language and Linguistics category.

  • الأذب

    مفتاح العرب لمقالكاتي قسم الديب و حاجية الظهور

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    “Miftah al-Arab for My Articles مفتاح العرب لمقالكاتي قسم الديب و حاجية الظهور is a significant book in the field of deep reflection and the need for emergence, offering profound philosophical insights into language and literature. Published by Dar al-Hashimi المكتبة الهاشمية it is authored by el-Molla Omar ibn el-Molla Abdullah ibn el-Molla Khalil al-Hizani al-Is’ardi الملا عمر ابن الملا عبد الله ابن الملا خليل الهيزاني الإسعردي. The author provides a deep exploration of literary and linguistic genres, making it an important reference for anyone interested in the humanities.

  • اللغة العربية

    مقاصد الرعاية لحقوق الله عز وجل

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    “Maqasid al-Ra’ayah li-Huquq Allah Azza wa Jal” مقاصد الرعاية لحقوق الله عز وجل is an important book in Islamic jurisprudence, authored by Sultan al-Ulama الملقب بسلطان العلماء, Abu Muhammad Aziz al-Din Abdul Salam ibn Abi al-Qasim ibn al-Hasan al-Salmi al-Dimashqi أبو محمد عز الدين عبد العزيز بن عبد السلام بن أبي القاسم بن الحسن السلمي الدمشقي. Published by Dar al-Fikr in Damascus in the first edition in 1416 AH – 1995 AD, it consists of 175 pages. This book provides a comprehensive and methodological interpretation of the rights of Allah, making it a valuable reference for researchers and students of Islamic jurisprudence.

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